UNIQUE SUCCESS CLUB is a Social Financial aid Networker which is completely based on the involvement of members and volunteers, is difficult to create. This becomes particularly difficult for many, especially for those who are in dire need of money and cannot keep on being involved in the cycle of financial crisis. It is a matter of social engagement and contributing towards the community within your means and looking forward to a future that is brighter and free from the financial shackles of debt.


UNIQUE SUCCESS CLUB is a team of people who are ready to help others to fulfill their dreams and then getting them in system to help next people to achieve their goals. The Managements of this Team has a vast earlier experience in MLM, Management Consulting, P2P Technology along with Crypto Currency Concept, specially in Bitcoin, Intelligence gathering on customers & competitors, advising on drafting & enforcing sales policies & proccess Worldwide.


Positivity is the need of the hour and there needs to be an unconventional way to handle the social issues. With a continued involvement, you will realise the social awareness program that is involved and you can encourage more and more people to come forward and participate in a community that hopes to create a system where financial troubles can be eradicated with success. Concerns about the future and reality of the economic situation need to be understood by all. It is what creates the maximum perceptive of people throughout to be involved in something that is based on faith and conviction alone. What United Hand wants to achieve is larger and brighter than the picture of reality right now. There is no denying the fact that economic hurdles exits and needs to be handled by a situation that is less demanding and can not only help people deal with their monetary troubles but also allow engagement that can contribute in a wholesome manner to the society.


United Hand has been continuing with a dream to eradicate financial crisis and successfully contribute towards the society without any concern for exchange values and anticipation of returns. The very nature of the platform continues to be based on trust and friendship and shall continue to do so forever. It is this very uniqueness that has pushed Btc World Bucket members to move forward and bring about a positive change that had been the primary goal of this non profit organization since inception. The need to create a platform like this is based on the core problems of the society and how the terms of compassion and faith can bring about a greater picture. It is a simple wish that so far has successfully worked out with the continued conviction of the people involved. Moving towards a greater dimension and place where faith and friendship will be the ultimate stand is what United Hand dreams of.